A mechanical level system for your camper

A camper offers a lot of benefits in terms of comfort, but it is still a heavy vehicle that requires a careful approach,  getting the best out of it.

If you arrive at a parking place, it may take a lot of energy and time to pull out the manual supports, and in that case some help could be very welcome.

A TESA levelling camper levelling system is the solution to these situations. Thanks to powerful engines, the vehicle’s stabilization is fully taken over, allowing the camper to automatically level horizontally. The TESA levelling system ensures that the camper is fully stable and horizontally levelled, giving you a high level of extra comfort.

Less hassle more comfort

Mechanical levelssystems have interesting advantages over hydraulic systems:

  • Less time consuming, easier en therefore less expensive installation.
  • Low weight, total weight ~ 60-65KG (depending on vehicle type)
  • Environmentally friendly; Hydraulic instalations are not permitted in some circumstances where environmental issues apply
  • Hydraulic systems need current aswell a Hydraulic pump. Electromechanical systems, just need current.
  • Power usage just 12A avg (Hydraulic 30 to 70A)

The reason that TESA cán give 3 year warranty from factory:

  • Does not use oil therefore less maintenance.
  • No possible air or oil leakage
  • No powerloss when pressurized a long time
  • No powerloss in case of insufficient oil
  • Due to the absence of oil ideal in extreme temperatures
  • Almost unaffected by lateral pressure
  • Is not affected by dust particles
  • Excellent 7-layer coating against corrosion.

Technical specifications TESA Levelingsystem:

  • For motorhomes or vans up to 5500KG
  • Each support has an active thrust force of 2000 Kg and a static strength of 5000 kg
  • Average absorption is about 12A. Vertical measures: from 300 mm to 420 mm
  • Total weight complete system apx. 60-65KG

Autolift models


A TESA levelling system has 7-layered galvanized supports for durability and water tightness.

The system is available with two or four supports (semi- or fully automatic)

The TESA AUTOLIFT has a 12V lever system that operates on all standard vehicles.

The TESA AUTOLIFT is a 4-support system, and each support can lift up to 2000 kg. The total vehicle weight is allowed to be up to 5500KG. The automatically controlled use of the brackets ensures that the system is fully horizontal. There are two modes:

– A system-controlled mode
– A manual mode

The system is placed in both modes in a short period of time, if the ground is not too steep. The operating system always works in pairs of two supports to prevent torsional forces. Damage due to incorrect lifting of the chassis is therefore not possible.

One of the biggest advantages of a TESA AUTOLIFT level system, of course, is that the system is fully automatic. As soon as you turn on the AUTOLIFT levelling system via the control panel. you can also perform the with the remote control. Some of the functions can only be used from the control panel.

The galvanized construction is from the FIAT factory, thus ensuring optimum resistance to weather and other circumstances that can affect the material. The factory uses a 7-layer galvanization instead of a standard single layer galvanization, which is the same galvanization for a motorhome chassis.

In general, leveling systems are quite expensive, but the TESA systems have a very attractive price.

The supports can only be used if the vehicle is on the handbrake. When the handbrake is disconnected or the vehicle is started, a warning signal is activated. This means that the driver knows that the brakes must be retracted first. Obviously there is an emergency procedure for when the supports must be withdrawn without electronic assistance.

The TESA AUTOLIFT levelling system is supplied completely including the supports, the central unit, the cables, the remote control and the control panel.

The accessories that allow the column length to be extended from 300 mm to 420 mm if required are also included as standard. The stroke length is always 180 mm.

A mechanical system offers many advantages:

  • Does not work with oil so low maintenance
  • Due to the absence of oil perfect usable in extreme temperatures
  • Almost unaffected by lateral pressure
  • Don’t bother dust particles that affect the system
  • Don’t lose power if it is pressurized for a long time or if there is insufficient oil