TESA Leveling Systems

With over 20 years of experience in the field of leveling systems and other items for recreational vehicles, TESA is an excellent choice for professional accessories for your vehicle. The leveling systems of TESA are suitable for most vehicles and by simplicity a safe, but also cost-conscious choice. TESA is represented in northern Europe by Karman Trading

About TESA

TESA is a dynamic and innovative company that manufactures and distributes since 1997
Design, R&D, production and product tests are made by TESA in Montesilvano (Pescara) plant.All TESA leveling products are simple to install and user friendly. The TESA AUTOLIFT SYSTEM Youtube channel, contains a wide collection of multilingual video tutorials, available both for the installer and the user of the product.

Advantages of mechanical leveling systems

  • Does not work with oil so low maintenance
  • Due to the absence of oil, ideal in
    extreme temperatures
  • is almost not affected by lateral pressure
  • Does not suffer from dust particles that
    infiltrate the system
  • Loses no force when long time in
    use or low oil


Electromechanical self-leveling very powerful system for motorhomes. The TESA AUTOLIFT has a large lifting height and an extremely low weight.

The TESA AUTOLIFT is powered by an electronic control unit for the leveling of the vehicle; The supports can also be controlled manually, but always in pairs.

Why a leveling system?

Anyone who has used a leveling system does not want to be without. A leveling system, which, in addition to the convenience of quickly setting the vehicle level, also gives a perfect comfort improvement. With the system in use, your vehicle is completely stable, thus no suspension, or sounds anymore from the bodywork. This ensures optimal comfort both during the day and the night.

Mechanical leveling system

TESA is in Europe the only manufacturer of mechanical leveling systems Because hydraulic systems use oil, and work with air pressure, a mechanical system is less susceptible to extreme temperatures, lateral pressure, dust and power loss.

TESA IS the only manufacturer of
Mechanical Leveling Systems in Europe

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