TESA  leveling systems

With over 20 years of experience in leveling systems and other amenities for recreational vehicles, TESA is an excellent choice for professional accessories for your vehicle. TESA leveling systems are suitable for most vehicles and are a safe and cost-conscious choice due to their simplicity. TESA is represented in Northern Europe by Karman Accessoires.


TESA’s leveling system levels your camper with just one push of a button
Once you experience the convenience of TESA’s automatic leveling system under your camper, you won’t want to go back.

The TESA leveling system offers you convenience and comfort. Your camper is as stable as a house. You’ll experience minimal floor movement, and thanks to the level position, you can sleep peacefully and cook comfortably. You can simply live the way you’re used to at home.

About TESA

TESA is a dynamic and innovative company that has been manufacturing and distributing its products since 1997. The design, research and development, production, and testing of the products are all carried out at the TESA factory in Montesilvano, Pescara. TESA products are easy to install and user-friendly. The TESA AUTOLIFT SYSTEM YouTube channel offers a collection of multilingual video tutorials designed for both product installers and users.

Advantages of mechanical leveling systems

  • Does not work with oil, so requires little maintenance
  • Ideal for use in extreme temperatures due to the absence of oil
  • Hardly affected by lateral pressure
  • Not susceptible to dust particles that could damage the system
  • Does not lose power when in use for extended periods or with low oil levels


Electromechanical self-leveling system for campers with high lifting capacity. The Autolift features a significant lift height and an extremely low weight.

The TESA AUTOLIFT is powered by an electronic control unit to level the vehicle. The supports can also be manually controlled but always in pairs.

Why a leveling system?

Someone who has used a leveling system once never wants to go without it. Besides the convenience of quickly leveling the vehicle, a leveling system also provides a significant improvement in comfort. With the system in use, your vehicle is completely stable, eliminating any suspension or noise from the body. This ensures optimal comfort both during the day and night.

Mechanical leveling system

TESA is the only manufacturer of mechanical leveling systems in Europe. Since a TESA leveling system doesn’t use oil and air pressure like hydraulic systems, this mechanical system is less susceptible to extreme temperatures, lateral pressure, dust, and power loss

TESA IS the only manufacturer of Mechanical Leveling Systems in Europe

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Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy a camper leveling system?

The TESA Autolift leveling system is offered in the Benelux by (standard) dealers and PLUS dealers. You can check here to find where to purchase our camper leveling systems.

How can I connect a camper leveling system?

The delivery of the TESA AUTOLIFT leveling system includes the supports, the central unit, cables, a remote control, and the control panel. The associated accessories to extend the column length, if necessary, from 300 mm to 420 mm, are also included as standard. The stroke length is always 180 mm.

A mechanical system offers several advantages:

  • Doesn’t work with oil, so requires minimal maintenance.
  • Ideal in extreme temperatures due to the absence of oil.
  • Hardly affected by lateral pressure.
  • Not prone to dust particles that could affect the system.
  • Does not lose power when used for extended periods or with insufficient oil.

How long is the warranty for a camper leveling system?

You have a 3-year factory warranty. Why TESA provides a 3-year factory warranty?

  • Doesn’t work with oil, so minimal maintenance is needed
  • No potential air or oil leakage
  • No loss of power when under pressure for an extended time
  • No power loss in case of insufficient oil
  • Ideal for extreme temperatures due to the absence of oil
  • Hardly affected by lateral pressure
  • Not affected by dust particles, ensuring system integrity
  • Features an excellent 7-layer coating for corrosion resistance

On which campers can the leveling system be installed?

The TESA leveling system can be installed on most types of campers and vans. If the height from the chassis to the ground (ground clearance) is 34cm or more, installation is possible in almost all cases. Standard adapters are available for the most common chassis types to simplify installation.

Available leveling system adapters:

  • Citroen Jumper X230/X244
  • Citroen Jumper X230/X244 ALKO
  • Citroen Jumper X250/X290
  • Citroen Jumper X250/X290 ALKO
  • Citroen Jumper X250/X290 EURO6
  • Fiat Ducato X230/X244
  • Fiat Ducato X230/X244 ALKO
  • Fiat Ducato X250/X290
  • Fiat Ducato X250/X290 ALKO
  • Fiat Ducato X250/X290 EURO6
  • Peugot Boxer X230/X244
  • Peugeot Boxer X230/X244 ALKO
  • Peugeot Boxer X250/X290
  • Peugeot Boxer X250/X290 ALKO
  • Peugeot Boxer X250/X290 EURO6

If your camper is not on this list, in many cases, the leveling system can still be installed on your camper. Contact us for advice.

What are the technical specifications?

  • maximum vehicle weight: 5500 kg
  • active thrust per support: 2000 kg
  • static strength per support: 5000 kg
  • power consumption: 12 – 16 A
  • total weight: 60 – 65 kg